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Turn your training into
a career

With Skill Connect, job seekers can more easily represent the skills and training they have received through alternative pathways, and match with the employers who need them.

Skill Connect simplifies the steps between completing training and applying to jobs. Indeed partners with training providers to create a shortcut that showcases the experience you gained in your program to employers.

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For job seekers

Whether you are completing a job training program to make a career pivot or as an alternative to traditional education, you deserve to be hired based on your abilities. 

Talk to your training provider to get access to Skill Connect.

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Skill Connect makes it easy to showcase your new skills and discover relevant opportunities



Create or update a resume tailored to
your training

Indeed will guide you through a custom resume process, pre-populating suggested skills and certifications based on your course.

Easily find jobs that match your new skills

Receive curated job search results and matching based on your criteria.

Automatically let employers find you

Get discovered by companies searching for candidates with your skills and training.

For employers

Do your part to advance skills-based hiring

Skill-based hiring means sourcing, evaluating, and hiring candidates based on whether they have the skills needed to do the job — not whether they have a college degree or a certain number of years of experience. It opens up a larger applicant pool, helping you tackle talent scarcity and increase workforce diversity. 

So, Indeed wants to make it easier to find those skilled candidates that may otherwise get overlooked. Skill Connect by Indeed helps job seekers represent their experience from specialized training on their Indeed Resume and connect with employers like you.

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Are you an occupational skilling organization looking to help your learners get hired? If you are based in the U.S., UK, or Ireland, complete this application to request access to Skill Connect for your organization. By using Skill Connect, you can set your program participants up for success in their job search. Plus, you get insights into how their job search is going with a dashboard of key metrics like applications, interviews, and hires.

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