Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging (DEIB+)

The future of work is equitable and inclusive

Indeed is working to close the opportunity gap by reducing bias and removing barriers for hundreds of millions of job seekers worldwide.

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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging at Indeed

Our journey started like most companies, with employee-led groups focused on creating a culture of inclusion and belonging for people from backgrounds that were not widely reflected across the company. This led to the Inclusion team being established and Inclusion Resource Groups being formalized. However, we realized the need to focus on more aspects in addition to inclusion in order to have a meaningful impact.

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In 2019, we renamed our organization Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging (DI&B) and established “Inclusion & Belonging” as an Indeed core value to emphasize the importance of focusing on psychological safety while transforming our company culture in a sustainable way. Psychological safety is the belief that employees cannot be punished or humiliated for speaking up with ideas, questions, concerns, or mistakes, and a shared expectation held by team members that teammates will not embarrass, reject, or punish one another for sharing ideas, taking risks, or soliciting feedback.

In 2022, we once again updated our organization name to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging (DEIB+). Everything begins and ends with diversity. Inclusion and belonging are who we are, while equity has been and will continue to be how we approach the work. The addition of the plus mark symbolizes the space we will continue to hold to explore how DEIB+ connects people’s experiences and business operations, and indicates the intersectionality and evolving nature of the work.

Our commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging extends beyond our employees’ experiences and is embedded into our products, platforms, and how we show up in our communities.

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Centering diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging enriches our core values

When we intentionally design teams with diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and capabilities, we foster an innovative workplace and gain an overall competitive advantage. As the world of work evolves, we consistently focus on representation, inclusive and equitable hiring practices, and strong talent development processes that strengthen the organization and help us better anticipate the needs of all people. Centering our value of inclusion and belonging helps us maintain our focus on designing a future of work where all people can thrive.

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The Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging (DEIB+) team at Indeed is a deeply embedded center of excellence, working across the business to enable, advise, and maintain best practices in fostering a psychologically safe work environment, ensuring equal access to opportunities, and prioritizing employee wellbeing. The DEIB+ team has global representation and connects with our employees within each region to both build and maintain a strong culture of inclusion and belonging for all Indeedians.

Job Seeker First, Pay for Performance, Data Driven, Innovation, and Inclusion and Belonging are Indeed’s core values. DEIB+ at Indeed contributes to these values in the following ways:

  1. Job Seeker First

    Job Seeker First

    Reducing bias and removing barriers in the employment process gives millions of job seekers worldwide access to new job opportunities.

  2. Pay for Performance

    Pay for Performance

    By diversifying our job seeker pool and embedding inclusive hiring practices, we increase the number of qualified candidates for each available role, which translates to better results for employers.

  3. Data Driven

    Data Driven

    Data is not unbiased, which is why it is critical to have people with a wide range of perspectives and backgrounds to ensure we’re better able to make equitable and impactful decisions cross-culturally.

  4. Innovation


    When we build diverse teams and embed inclusive approaches throughout the business, we enhance Indeed products and offerings by creating more equitable solutions that can be scaled across cultures.

  5. Inclusion & Belonging

    Inclusion & Belonging

    We are dedicated to creating a culture that strengthens the employee experience by promoting continuous learning, providing development opportunities, and prioritizing psychological safety to ensure all Indeedians can thrive.

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Indeed’s Inclusive
Interview Rule

In 2021, Indeed implemented the Inclusive Interview Rule, a transformative solution to help reduce bias and barriers from our sourcing and interviewing process, for all Director-level and above roles in the U.S (Senior Director-level and above roles for Sales and Client Success only). Currently, our Inclusive Interview Rule specifies what our slate of candidates interviewed at our final interview stage must include. In the U.S., one candidate must self-identify as a woman or underrepresented gender, specifically non-binary or gender non-conforming, and one candidate must self-identify as an underrepresented ethnic minority (URM – Black, Latine, American Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander). In all other regions where we can collect demographic data, one candidate must self-identify as a woman or underrepresented gender, specifically non-binary or gender non-conforming.

In 2022, we expanded the Inclusive Interview Rule to incorporate all U.S. Human Resources roles. In February 2023, the Inclusive Interview Rule was expanded globally to all regions to include roles posted internally and externally.

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The Inclusive Interview Rule is more than just a requirement

— it is designed to integrate intentional and consistent expansion of candidate viability into the sourcing, recruiting, and interviewing stages. This business process change has improved gender, racial, and ethnic representation when applied. Increased opportunity and exposure for those most marginalized groups — in particular, the intersectional candidates — impacts inclusivity efforts at all levels and creates safe spaces for those marginalized groups to bring their whole selves to their candidacy.

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Driving change at all levels

The DEIB+ organization at Indeed consists of two main teams: Business Partners and Employee Lifecycle. Collectively, in partnership with our HR teams, they connect and engage with Indeedians around the world to build and maintain the best culture for inclusion and belonging.

Indeed’s DEIB+ Business Partners are trusted thought partners and strategic advisors to the business. All Business Partners are intentionally aligned to specific departments and provide tailored consultation to the business on people strategies, programs, and initiatives.

Our DEIB+ Business Partners collaborate with each function, providing support and guidance to ensure their efforts align with our Indeed-wide DEIB+ strategic priorities. From working to operationalize diversity and inclusion, to finding ways to mitigate bias and barriers, our Business Partners work closely with leaders and stakeholders to design equitable solutions and drive cultural accountability across the organization.

As DEIB+ subject matter experts, Business Partners influence the transformation of our policies, processes, and programs — working to embed DEIB+ into everything that we do and create lasting structural and behavioral change. Through their cross-functional partnerships across Indeed, DEIB+ Business Partners help develop strategies that promote equitable, fulfilling, and successful employee experiences for all Indeedians.

The Employee Lifecycle team focuses on ensuring every Indeedian has an unbiased and equitable experience at Indeed.

They accomplish this by developing relationships with organizations and community partners with a demonstrated interest in improving representation and building a more equitable society, reducing bias, and increasing measures for inclusion and belonging through a robust learning and development ecosystem. Employee Lifecycle plays an integral role in impacting business processes and programming by leveraging their expertise to ensure our products, services, and how we show up in society reflect the communities where we live and operate.

This team also houses our Inclusion Business Resource Groups (IBRGs), which work to build and maintain a sense of community that represents our global workforce’s life experiences, eclectic interests, and abilities.

Inclusion Business Resource Groups

Our employee-led Inclusion Business Resource Groups (IBRGs) are composed of employees, across all functions and levels, who act as trusted business partners and thoughtful advocates throughout the organization. They are critical to establishing a sense of community, providing opportunities for employees to network and develop their careers, and improving our products and processes for a more inclusive workforce.

Indeed currently has 11 global IBRGs operating in 13 countries with roughly 5,000 unique members. Our IBRGs are supported by members of our senior leadership team, who act as champions and elevate their experiences to drive change.

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All Generations Empowered

Asian Network

Australia Inclusion Resource Group

Black Inclusion Group

International Inclusion Group

iPride & Gender Identity


Parents & Caregivers

Veterans & Allies

Women at Indeed

Partnering for change

Indeed partners with a variety of organizations globally that align with our ESG commitments through access to resources, connection with communities, product advisory, and diverse candidate recruitment.

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2023 Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging (DEIB+) Report

We recently released our 2023 Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging (DEIB+) Report, which includes our most up-to-date workforce demographics for 2023 and year-over-year progress reporting.

We’ve significantly expanded our approach to sharing our work in the DEIB+ space, highlighting our current initiatives, programs, and partnerships. These initiatives help support our goals of increasing representation of women, transgender men, non-binary, agender, gender non-conforming, gender fluid, two-spirit, and genderqueer Indeedians (underrepresented genders – URG) to 50% at all levels of Indeed’s global workforce, and U.S. workforce representation of underrepresented racial and ethnic minorities (URM) to 30%.

Our 2023 report dives into our continued efforts to ensure equity is embedded into our policies and foster a culture where every person is welcomed, accepted, and celebrated for who they are.

View the full 2023 DEIB+ report
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